This Guitar Can't Drink a Beer

Charlie Fittler recently released his first single, This Guitar Can’t Drink a Beer, a country music original that really gets you dancing. Co-written with Travis Collins, the song is a testament to Charlie’s status as an emerging artist in the Australian country music scene — a rising star in his tender teenage years.

The tone, quality and colour of Charlie’s voice fits country. He plays guitar like other country music stars do, comfortable with Gibson. His musical inspiration is rooted with the sounds of Lee Kernaghan and other Australian country music greats, those he grew up listening to as a very young boy.

Charlie is getting noticed — not only at his regular gigs around the region and interstate. This Guitar Can’t Drink a Beer is getting airplay, unsurprisingly, because the song gets your toes tapping, it’s a great tune. The song has pathos, we can identify with words, the emotion, and it touches us like all great country music does while the upbeat tempo keeps us smiling. The music production is superb thanks to the skills of Simon Johnson at the Hillbilly Hut , a recording studio on the NSW central coast.

...I could never walk right up to you and say ‘hi’, and that’s maybe why I’m sitting all alone ...

Humility comes easy with Charlie. He’s first to credit his time at the Junior Academy in Tamworth in 2018 where, on his second last day of that experience, Allan Caswell and all the greats were there to support and encourage song writing, something original from Charlie and the others. That’s where This Guitar Can’t Drink a Beer came to be. These words had been playing on Charlie’s mind for a while. With further support from Travis Collins whose lyrical genius has contributed to Charlie’s song, we have a great country music song for us to dance to. Have a listen …

Charlie Fittler with his guitar.